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21 October 2013 @ 11:30 am
Shingeki no Kyojin: Day 2, 3, & 4  
Three Days Behind!  Not to Worry!

Day 1: Favorite Character

Day 2: Favorite Episode

Hmm if I have to say it would be Episode Three/Shining Dimly in the Midst of Despair...mostly because of the opening song  at the beginning of the episode (music in the video below) and they formally introduce the recruits...telling their personality, strengths, and weaknesses...the episode gives more time to get some good background of the characters themselves since the rest of the series is pretty fast paced and more focused on the plot of the story.

Day 3: Scouting Legion, Military Police, or Garrison Regiment

It is in between Scouting Legion or the Garrison Regiment for me.  I have to agree that the Military Police basically rob themselves out of the action throughout the whole crisis in the story. They want to stay in the inner walls of Sina without doing much protection to the people at all since they are in the safest area where the humans live.

Garrison Regiment at least get to look over the walls to maintain and guard the walls and they still have some interactions with the Titans.  Scouting Legion are able to fight the Titans and who could say no trying to use the 3-D maneuver! =D

Day 4: Favorite Ship

To be honest I have three ships I like all thanks to my friends who corrupted me X-X  but my favorite one of all is my initial shipping:  Eren x Mikasa.  Yes it is probably the corniest (and the one most typical fans would be drawn to ship) shipping in the story, but I really think they are a good pair since like I mentioned in the "Day 1" post, Mikasa is actually a girl worthy for Eren (even if there are times where Eren can be complete ass that doesn't really care about anyone in the story except to get revenge on his mother's death and protect humanity just because it is the typical heroic trait that must be in there in the story), even though it takes til the latest chapter of the manga to have Eren to include her directly that he is willing to protect her.  I am a sucker for these two and wants to read some fanfics of them.  I should look some up on my spare time when I remember.  So far I only found a Mikasa x Levi fanfic to read XDD

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