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05 January 2014 @ 01:43 pm
What's on my Phone Tag  

whew it feels like i have neglected this account amd should bring it back to life in some way other than leaving incomplete memes. how am i going to plan on making it up to my lj friends? another tag thing :)  you get a semi inside peek of the contents of my phone ^-^  so here it is!

1. What is the model name / name of your phone?

it is a Samsung s3... and yes you can get a good look at the vent on my ceiling =P

the name...i am pretty sure i named it before
but let's make it again and hope i don't forget it *laughs* Mochi ^-^

2. Is your phone a prepaid (Pay as you go) phone or a contract phone?

Mochi is a contract phone

3. What company do you use? Would you recommend it?

AT&T.  Yup so far i haven't had any issues with this company

4. When did you get / How old is your phone?

Aug 4 last year so do the math :)

5. Do you have any accessories for your phone?

yes i do! several other phone cases before this otterbox case (yup in such a short time i went through many and decided this one is the best) and two earjacks (my calico cat and Arashi Popcorn Tokyo (blue))

6. What is your ringtone?

it is the music box version of Arashi's FUNKY

7. What is your screensaver / wallpaper / background

here are the screenshots for you guys :)

it reminds me of Kagi Heya's Enomoto and it fits will with my Arashi theme on my phone :)

8. Top 10 songs played on your phone

hitoribocchi no haburashi - tomoya nagase

koe - arashi

push your back - trf

believe - arashi

hi no ataru sakamichi - do no infinity

friendship - aiba masaki

dreamer - one ok rock

kirirari sailor dream

dynamite - j soul brothers

9. Favorite feature on your phone?

hmm...of course i love that i can use the internet and social networking apps

10. Show or tell us about your old phone?

it is a Blackberry Torch


11. Would you recommend your phone?

yes i would :)

12. If you could have any other phone, what would it be?


13. How often do you use your phone?

everyday...larely it has more of a daily workout than Baby Toshi the laptop since i have been on vacation

14. What are the cons about your phone? (negative factors)

none really...usually it is issues with the apps i get from the app store...esp aim when it freezes and doesn't show messages from my desktop

15. What kind of keyboard /pad does it have? (Touchscreen, QWERTY, Slide,etc.)

a touch :)

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