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06 September 2020 @ 11:01 pm
Hi Visitors! Welcome to cherry_akira 's livejournal. This journal consists of Arashi fics, pictures, and .gifs made [mostly] by me and some crazy tangents about my life. For more information about me, please check my profile =)

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Credits to cry1baby for the amazing banner she made for me!
<3 Love Yama! <3

This is a semi-friend journal, meaning some of my [personal] entries are friend-locked. Feel free to add me as friend anywhere, but only IF you ask permission from me through comments or something AFTER reading the rules!

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Due to a wide variety of my fics, they are organized under these three main links. I wanted to make it easier for my regular readers to browse through them. To read the fics, either follow the numbering of the multi-chapter stories or click on the story title on one-shots/drabbles/song fics. I hope this procedure is not complex to anyone. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

~ Slash Fic Masterpost ~

~ OC Fic Masterpost ~

~ JE Boys x Non-Johnny Female Celeb Fic Masterpost ~

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21 June 2015 @ 12:08 pm
04 June 2015 @ 12:09 pm
19 July 2014 @ 12:11 pm
Thought of the Day:

Finding the perfect pillow to fit your comfort is like finding "the one" XD

I seriously had to go through four pillows to find the one I needed to support my neck properly...I hate my short neck issues, but hope this pillow sticks with me for awhile (new shipping: cherry x new pillow <3)

Okay in other news, yes I am still struggling to start writing again and hope that day I can become so inspired that I could sit down and write will come soon. In the meantime, I am offering to beta any of you guys' fanfics. It's okay if we don't know each other well or if you have listed me as your friend on LJ but I have not (again I usually add people by their request for me to friend them back or actually talking to me than just random friending...not that I mind at all for those who do if you are/were a regular to reading my fanfics :D) added you back.

Oh those who take up my offer, no need to repay me with anything extreme but I will gladly take up your friendships as repayment. I do love talking to other LJ users especially Arashi fans and wish I was able to talk to more to get to know more people better. So yeah!

More information on me being a beta under-cut if you are interested:
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Please feel free to messages me or anything! I look forward to working with anyone!
I came around something interesting again today via one of the radio stations I listen to on occasions. Here is the article URL if you are interested: http://www.hot995.com/pages/the-kane-show.html?article=11945520. Supposedly this article has something like a checkoff list of relationships I will most likely experience before finding my one. Although I don't entirely believe it (especially some of "requirements (by quantity) listed), I thought I would run down the list for the fun of it and see how much "progress" I have made so far.

15 kisses. (I have 11 more to go...XD)

Two long-term relationships.

Three shorter relationships. (I have 1 more to go)

Four disastrous dates. (2 down, 2 more to go)

Having your heart broken twice. (1 more time...)

Seven sexual partners. (...* to go...sorry not going to share that with you guys -laughs-)

Bring cheated on once . . . and cheating on someone once. (well guess it is my turn to be the heartbreaker in on of my upcoming relationships ^^;; )

Falling in love twice. (1 more to go)

Living with someone once. (pending)

Really this article really makes me laugh...and I thought I haven't made any progress in intimate relationships...but after doing this checklist...I guess I was wrong.

Til next time with a random blog post =D Ta~
05 January 2014 @ 01:43 pm

whew it feels like i have neglected this account amd should bring it back to life in some way other than leaving incomplete memes. how am i going to plan on making it up to my lj friends? another tag thing :)  you get a semi inside peek of the contents of my phone ^-^  so here it is!

contains a pic of my phone and screenshotsCollapse )
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21 October 2013 @ 12:02 pm
21 October 2013 @ 11:30 am
Three Days Behind!  Not to Worry!

Day 1: Favorite Character

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19 October 2013 @ 12:17 pm