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cherry_akira's Page Rules

1) Golden rule to fanfics: You don't like it, just simply do not read it!

I don't want any signs of childishness or incompetency on this issue. You all can read and understand fully what is slash and ratings such as PG-13 or NC-17, so no complaining saying I did not warn you.

2) No copying or redistributing any of these fics, pictures, videos, or gifs without my permission. 

I've seen this happen to a few of my LJ friends, and I have to say it's a complete shame. And I will say this, I have worked hard on all these works and do not like when people try to get credit out of stuff that was not originally their work. I'm being nice enough not being one of those who lock up their LJ and force you to be their friend just to read/video them. So please do not drive me into making that decision!


In addition to these rules, if you're wanting to add me as a friend just for the fun of it, I have to say you're making a weird decision xD. Most of my personal entries are not that entertaining compared to the stuff I post publicly. However, if we share some common interests or get along well, I'd be happy to consider the friend request :)

If there are any further questions, my contact information is listed on my profile if needed.
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