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a prediction of my love life before I find "the one"

I came around something interesting again today via one of the radio stations I listen to on occasions. Here is the article URL if you are interested: Supposedly this article has something like a checkoff list of relationships I will most likely experience before finding my one. Although I don't entirely believe it (especially some of "requirements (by quantity) listed), I thought I would run down the list for the fun of it and see how much "progress" I have made so far.

15 kisses. (I have 11 more to go...XD)

Two long-term relationships.

Three shorter relationships. (I have 1 more to go)

Four disastrous dates. (2 down, 2 more to go)

Having your heart broken twice. (1 more time...)

Seven sexual partners. (...* to go...sorry not going to share that with you guys -laughs-)

Bring cheated on once . . . and cheating on someone once. (well guess it is my turn to be the heartbreaker in on of my upcoming relationships ^^;; )

Falling in love twice. (1 more to go)

Living with someone once. (pending)

Really this article really makes me laugh...and I thought I haven't made any progress in intimate relationships...but after doing this checklist...I guess I was wrong.

Til next time with a random blog post =D Ta~
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