Shingeki no Kyojin: Day 1

Hey guys sorry I haven't been around to post lately. Writer's block and getting inspired and getting the time to write when I want to is...bleh (even though my new phone makes it possible) here's some entertainment if from my page if you guys need it! hopefully this meme won't be a failure like the other times!

Day 1: Favorite Character

My favorite character... that isn't so hard to decide to be honest!

(credits to the owner of the gif!)

Mikasa Ackerman of course!  I have loved her from the start and her 16 year old self made made me even love her more.  In general, what I love about this series is practically no female is a damsel in distress and they are all pretty tough, but Mikasa takes the cake on being the most lovable.  She reminds me of a few of my friends who are have a hard interior when it comes to having them open up, but when the moment calls for it they will show their compassionate side to help the people that they love.  She is a perfect role model for girls and shows that you don't always need to be a complete dunce or try too be desperate to be good looking to show people that you've got potential.  She shows that you need to strive by the knowledge you can gain/what you already have and protect and be loyal to those who are important to you.

Well there's my post for now~  I have to work on a make up look one of my friends requested for me to try out =P  By for now!