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♫ Love Love Love Machine ♫

My Personal Rants & Workspace for Fanfics

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25 September
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About The Author

Name [Alias]: Cherry
Occupation: university student
[In my heart] Hometown: Manila
[Current] USA
Hobbies/Likes: writing [of course], reading, arts and crafts [or anything art related], cooking, traveling, family & friends, Arashi, various types of music


Ichibans: Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho
OTP Pairings: Yama and Sakuraiba
Fandom History
It all started when I got into Hana Kimi. At first when I decided to watch the drama, I started of with the Taiwanese version-WHICH made me switch over to the Japanese version after watching twenty minutes of the first episode [switch was one of the best decisions I have ever made xD]. The result led me to having a schoolgirl crush on Ikuta Toma. While in the midst of YouTube-ing Toma, I came across Detective Thomas [Toma's then alter ego I guess you can say] interviewing Arashi [first glance of Arashi, not yet enamored]. Then along came the drama Maou, thrilled that Toma was in it, and because of I was Toma-biased, I hated Ohno Satoshi in the drama xD [obviously still not enamored, BUT was curious about his group]. While writing a Toma x OC fic, I did use Arashi as characters and did some research on them. This research led me to watching Hana Yori Dango, and as most fans guessed, I got Jun-baited [finally caught and reeled in!].

Present Day
For the past [almost] four years of fandom, I bounced around ichibans [solidified to Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho], still watch their dramas and variety shows, listen to their music, write fics about them [mostly slash, rare OCs], been teased about my fandom, even though it's not even that severe [hehe], but it's part of my life now and just to think it all started with a switch over from a Taiwanese to Japanese drama ^-^

I'm also a big Glee fan 'cause of the Famous Klaine pair! But I do love the actors too so if you're a Klaine fan, love to be friends with you! :)

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